About Me

I was born during the cold season on the first month of the year of January in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico in Vega Baja. I was raised up for the most part of my childhood and early teen years within the northern parts of New York City and Massachusetts since the age of one. At age fifteen, my father due to medical reasons moved us up to Lakeland Florida. I come from a large family that consist of eight brothers and three sisters. Even though I always felt as if part of my life while growing up was robbed in some ways, I totally loves life and I above all I am proud of the person that I have become in life. Unfortunately, I was raised up within a maladjusted form sort of way as well as in a dysfunctional abusive home. But yet odd as it may sound I was raised up in a religious environment since very young in age. Based on an early unexplained childhood spiritual experience I solely believe in both heart and mind in the true existence as power of the almighty God above heaven, creator of all things. I went to elementary school in Long Island, NY and went to middle school in Leominster and Worcester Massachusetts. I went to high school in Taunton, Massachusetts. During 2009-2011 I took an online course at the University of Central Florida studying the field of writing fiction. My father was a Sergeant War Veteran who fought against Korea. Unfortunately, he passed away back in 1989. In the present time my elderly sick mother who suffers from Dementia and Parkinson's Disease resides in a very nice nursing home in Orlando Florida. Unfortunately, for personal reasons not all my siblings are close to one another, I however love them all. There are a few of my siblings that live their life with a mild delusional mind streak which has been characterized by holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument. I believe this behavior comes not just from the way we were abusively raised but also from lack and refusal of phychiatry help, which is unfortunate. My parents were both Jehovah Witnesses and I as my siblings were all raised as such but some of us are estrange from the religion. I am happily married to my long time husband Jaime. Together we have a small family which also includes our cat Mindy. Unfortunately, we had one beautiful infant daughter that died due to a heart defect along with other medical issues. As a person I have suffered from depression since back in my childhood/teen years which was mainly caused as brought on due to how I was abysmally raised. And even in the present as an adult I still often at times can't seem to beat that depression. When I think about my past I feel saddened because I did things that I am not proud of, but it is from those erros that I have both learned as matured not to repeat such mistakes. Since my childhood, I have always had the desire to write and someday become an author. You can see some of these things that I write about in my Site Blogs. I consider myself a dilettante, lover of writing. Writing is not only one of my strongest passions in my life, but is part of my life especially since it is very therapeutic for me in many ways. Some of my books are published By Dorrance Publishers,‎ BooxAi, while some are self published. I do try to keep my books easy to understand for the public readers. I have been interviewed and featured in both YouTube and audio radio by Triangle Media, and also in the Mike Wagner show with the main topic being about my books. Based on some positive good book reviews I am confident as optimistic that I will improve as progress within the near future. I enjoy walks in the beach after sundown, gardening, reading, roller skating, Latin dancing, going out to the theatres, and spending time with my cats. My goal in life is to be seen as a good role model for others in the public eye and inspire others. I currently am content with life and thankful to God who I feel has blessed me in so many ways in my life. For personal reasons I am very much against Child Abuse and a huge fan, advocate as supporter of the Child Abuse guide lines and it's laws.