If your a young single mother like "Casey Anthony" was and can't seem to find anyone to help you watch or babysit your young child, and you live in the Orlando, Fl area please contact me. I will help you as best I can to help you manage with the issue at hand. Please, don't ever make up excuses or lies when it comes to your child. I know there are many single mothers out there who want some time out for themselves, but are unable to find a babysitter. Sometimes parents or family members can't help out because they to have to work, or have a busy schedule. If your a single mother, whether it's for a related work issue (such as your babysitter can't watch your child on that day), or go out couple hours, or a night out, send me a message through "Contact Marta" and let's connect. I can provide you with help in this area. Please note that this free offer is not long term, but short term. It is too bad I didn't come across Casey Anthony back when she needed a helping hand for a babysitter without being able to pay. Maybe it would of made a huge difference and today Caylee Marie would of still been with us. So if you have a young one (Newborn-10 yrs old) based on situation, let me try help you out to the best of my abilities. A child should be a mothers first priority. No child should have to cease due to the mother's selfishness.