Solar Specialist

Aug. 10, 2022

Our personal experience with Solar Specialist has been a long journey, one that I feel the need to share with the public. About two years ago, a salesman named Daniel Godwin, who represents this business, and others came to our home with an offer that we just couldn't say no to, it just sounded so convincing and too good to pass up. He said that with solar panels we would only be paying one single bill instead of two. Well, let me just say that ended up being a lie. The Solar Specialist website reads as follows, "We’ll take a look at your energy needs and tell you how much you may potentially save by installing solar panels." At present, we have had to pay not only the solar finance monthly bill but additionally the electric utility as well which is very unfair. Usually, solar businesses leave out the fact that during the winter times the solar panels will not pick up as much as they will during the spring and summer times. During the winter months, we do have to pay an electric utility bill. This past June we paid $67 in electric utility and for July, we were stuck with $372 in the electric utility, then now for August, we were stuck again at $195.96. So if you add up what we pay on the solar finance monthly which is $219 + the electric utility bill, how much are we really saving? We are spending more now than we did before the solar panels were put in. Were we lied to or not? Yes, we were not only lied to but mislead into believing something not true by the salesman who flat out told us that if we were charged for any additional electric utility the business would pay for it, but that ended up being another lie. Do we regret installing solar panels, Yes! it was a huge mistake and we don't recommend solar panels to anyone. Though every solar panel business differs from one another. I say that because my brother contracted solar panels with Tesla, and he tells me that he has never paid an electric utility bill with them. So I guess it all depends on what solar business you decide to contract with. In part, we feel at fault because the first solar company that Mr. Godwin brought in had decided that our roof was not strong enough to sustain the panels and refused to go any further. They were honest and not selfish businesses which we truly appreciated. Then Mr. Godwin went ahead and brought in a Solar Specialist and knowing that the first solar company had refused, they still went on ahead and installed them anyways taking a risk. After making a few claims due to dents, water leaking inside from dents caused by the panels, and feeling tired, wasted, and stressed out, we decided to seek the advice of an attorney. Then to our surprise, the Solar Specialist decided to fix the right front of our roof by setting in a great new one to avoid any more future issues, plus they fixed a small area of the in-home ceiling where it was marked by previous water leakage. While we are grateful for their good intent and deed, we are still left with a high electric utility bill. It was kind of dumb for the company to have the solar panels removed a month before putting in the right side new roof. The solar panels should have been removed at least a few days before putting in the new right-side roof. That would have avoided a high electric utility bill for July/August. I admit that Solar Specialists will work with their clients, but they will take their time doing it, meaning clients will have to be very patient for them to come through eventually as they did for us. It would be great if the solar specialist owner would make an effort to address us personally instead of sending Mr. Godwin. We lost trust in Mr. Godwin as I feel he's the one who lied to us, not the actual business itself. The only issue we have is that we don't think is fair nor right that we have to pay the solar finance bill plus additionally an electric utility bill especially when we were told by their salesman Mr. Godwin that we wouldn't be having that problem. Actually, my neighbor also contracted with a solar specialist and they too regret it. They are also paying just like us two bills, the solar finance bill and the utility electric one which they were told by the same salesman, Mr. Godwin that they wouldn't be. Their solar box is not even on, unfortunately, things like these happen because solar specialist doesn't keep up with maintenance. They too aren't saving on any electric utility as they were promised. At present, we continue to have to pay two monthly bills, the solar finance payments, and the electric utility bill. The panels (seem) not to be working properly and it seems as if now the solar specialist owner wants us to pay for the roof that he freely paid for on his own by contract. We never sign up to (pay) for any re-roofing only the approval of it. This feels a bit out of character and fraudulent since the contract to pay for the re-roofing was between the solar specialist owner and roofer contractor, not us. Though if this ends up being true that he now wants to make us pay, then the only way to solve this issue will have to be through court, we will be forced to hire an attorney in order to resolve this matter. My people, remember, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. And to anyone who wants proof of our last few monthly electric utility bills including the present one, I will provide a copy of proof just to prove that I am being truthful. Lesson learned by us, don't believe everything you hear, especially from salespeople.