I do free online book reviews for authors & writers on Amazon as an exchange. The majority of online readers find it much easier to read the posted reviews of other readers' book reviews instead of reading the whole book as they should. I noticed that this mostly happens if they are reader reviewers from the online site of Pubby. com' I am no longer a subscriber who throws money away monthly. It is not fair for readers to post a review base on other readers' already posted reviews just to avoid reading the book that they have chosen to read because the book could be great but since the reader is being led by the posted reviews of the book, they end up giving the author/writer a next to fair or bad review without having to have read the assigned book. Other Pubby readers will just read the first few pages, or the ending, or look at the images, or just scroll down without reading anything. Then there are those self-published writers vs the published authors. Is like no one wants to give good ratings or good reviews all because they want their book to be better than others. As authors/writers, we should be helping each other not dishing each other. I am an honest reviewer who will read the whole book and post an honest review in exchange, believe me, there will be no competition here. I will not base my review on other readers' posted reviews like some of the readers do in Pubby. Connect with me at my personal email MizMarta@yahoo.com or send me a message on this site under, Contact Marta.